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QR Codes: Quick Response Codes


You may have noticed these barcode styled black and white squares appearing more and more peoples on business cards, packaging, letters and even bills. They are called QR Codes (Quick response), so as a digital agency how is that relevant i hear you cry…. ? Well its very relevant as they start making their way more and more onto the screen the purpose and use for them is only limited by your imagination.

There are a number of free sites that you can generate them from, and once you have one generated, you simply need a QR reader / scanner downloaded to your phone (we use QR SCANNER for iphone 4 ) take a photo and voila!! the scanner converts the code into a meaningful message or contact details. Try our one above, you should be able to photo it on screen (or print out), and it will transfer our contact details.

QR codes can be placed on your site, you can also track your visitors by placing a special referral code on your URL. This year is heavily focused on the mobile world, geo location, tablet browsing etc, photo sharing so this is a great tool to be using in 2011.

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